Saturday, January 8, 2011

Build your own adjustable knitting loom!

Here are some web sites that show you how to build a wooden adjustable knitting loom:

Plans and instructions
Suggestions for gauges to use when building your loom(s):
Loom Gauges
Gauge Peg Dist. Stitches
per Inch
Yarn Recommendations
Large 5/8" 2.5 1 strand of Super Bulky (6)
1 strand of Bulky (5)
2 strands of Medium (4)
Regular 1/2" 3 1 strand of Bulky (5)
2 strands of Medium (4)
Small 4/9" 3.5 1 strand of Medium (4)
2 strands of Light (3)
Extra Small 3/8" 4 1 strand of Medium (4)
2 strands of Light (3)
Fine 1/4" 5 1 strand of Light (3)
1-2 strands of Fine (2)
2 strands of Super Fine (1)
Extra Fine 3/16" 7-8 1 strand of Fine (2)
1 strand of Super Fine (1)

Looms from Knitting

 These are examples of knitting boards; aka "knitting looms" made by  I love their metal pegs with grooves on the smaller sock loom; and I am trying to find a source for those type of pegs. 

Until then, we will use "Cotter Pins" (found at most hardware stores, or try Fastener Mart where I got 500 for around $16.00.  (It will take almost 200 just to do one double loom; and my husband was having so much fun building the first one, he played around with another style, so now I have two looms to play with!  (One will most likely find a new home soon at my daughters house!) 

And because we will have 100 left over Cotter Pins, I hinted really hard that I would like a smaller one sock loom like the last picture above with the green yarn, so it can travel with me!  I am trying to secure better pins/pegs for future looms, and I will post pictures of the completed looms when they are up and running!


  1. Thanks for posting this...I checked out a few of the nicer looms at the craft store and though $50.00 is not astronomical, I'd prefer to make my own if I can do it less expensively.

  2. Pls help to fix the hyperlink of plan and instruction part. many Thx .

  3. Any chance you were able to find the nicer pegs similar to the Knitting Board looms. I love there stuff but I just can't afford it, so I'm working on my own.

  4. Here are pegs $0.10 - $0.15 USD each